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Why you have to invest in Leyte, Philippines?

Leyte offers...


1.)  Information Technology
  Electronic Data Processing
Website Development
Systems Programming
Electronic Parts Manufacturing
2.)  Coco-Based Industries
      a.) Husk Coco-Coir Processing
Coco-Peat Production
      b.) Shell Industrial Carbon Plant
      c.) Meat & Coco-Milk Oleochemicals Plant
Coco-Milk Processing
3.)  Abaca-Based Industries
      a.) Fiber Pulp & Paper Production
      b.) Abaca Planting       
Abaca Nursery Propagation and Development
4.)  LIDE Complementary Industries
      a.) Copper Concentrate
           and Cathodes
> Copper bars, plates, rods, strips, tubes and wires
> Copper alloys
> Copper components and construction, machinery & equipment, power & telecom transmission
      b.) Gypsum Powder > Gypsum wall boards for housing & construction
> Cement Retarder
> Plaster of Paris
      c.) Iron Ore Steel and Steel products like bars, rods, & sheets
      d.) Selenium Powder Pigment (color) for paints, photocopies and x-ray plates
      e.) Dore (alloy of gold and
Gold & Silver Bullion (for Central Bank)
      f.) Granulated Slag Sand blasting for Ship Repair Facilities
5.)  Aqua-Marine Based
      a.) Fish Pond
In-land Fish Culture (Bangus, Prawns & Crabs)
      b.) Marine Products Fish Canning
6.)  Infrastructure & Services
      a.) Industrial Estate/Ecozone Development
      b.) Commercial Shipping & Fast Craft Transport System
      c.) Industrial Water System & Distribution
     d.) Seaport Development/Expansion
      e.) Ice Plant & Cold Storage
       f.) Mall-type Trading Center & Recreational Facilities
      g.) Tourist-Oriented Projects
      h.) Services (Packaging/Printing, Transport & Warehousing)
7.)  Others
      a.) Citronella Plantation & Oil Extraction
      b.) Bottled Mineral Water
      c.) Sugarcane-Based Processing
      d.) Livestock Feed Processing